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Important Steps in Making an Employee Organizational Chart

An employee organizational chart is the first essential thing in the setting up of small business in order to be productive, effect and organized. The process of having a complete chart does not need to be complex once you know the easy steps. The chart will have numerous uses within an organization. These comprise helping lay the groundwork to reduce the chaos amongst employees, increasing communication effectiveness and showing what needs to be done within the firm each day. An accurate and complete one must be visible within the organization in on all levels and is also accessible to outside customers and potential clients.


The first step in setting up an employee organizational chart is to record all the tasks done within your business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You must not combine any tasks because each of them can exist on their own. More of this are accessible at http://www.ehow.com/how_4761446_make-organizational-chart.html. An easy way to do this is to give yourself a minimum of one week to collect the list and write down each task you carry out during the day. Once you have employees, allow them to do the same exercise and combine the lists that you got.


Next, you have to identify the function where each listed task will fall under. After each task you have listed, categorize them based on the group or role that will fulfill them. You have to be sure that you just have to assign one function to each task.



When you have distinguished the function, establish how each of them will report to each other. Make sure that only one function will drive the organization and this role should be placed on top of the Online Org Chart. Then, you ought to distinguish who will report to the top function and how the other reporting relationships will be set. Draw a line that will connect all the related functions but each of this will have only one function to report to. You will observe that there can be numerous functions that can report to the same function on top of it.


Finally, you have to determine the individual within the organization to fill each function or role. Consider the skill levels and competencies required for each function and who within the firm has the background to match the requirements. Occasionally, there could be no perfect match so the function will be filled with any available employee. The company has to employ the ideal individual to match the function or additional training will be carried out for the designated person. These situations will usually affect the productivity and efficiency in the role and the business as a whole so the gaps should be filled as soon as possible.


In order for an employee organizational chart to be effective, business owners should remember that a name should appear only a few times or just once in the Org Chart so that it will be efficient and productive. 

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